Alair MHA Enterprises Ltd.

Alair MHA Enterprises is a charter air taxi service. We operate year round out of St. Theresa Point airport (CYST) in Manitoba. 

Our remote community in Northern Manitoba is accessible by air or winter road only. We provide a vital service, connecting the community to the rest of Canada. Our services include tourism, exploration for mining and prospectors, expediting, and remote bush medi vacs. We also support our first nation customers in their traditional pursuits of trapping, hunting and commercial fishing.

Our fleet consists of 3 airplanes:
  • A DHC-2 beaver on floats and wheel skis
  • A Cessna 185 on wheel skis and floats
  • A Cherokee six
We have a fast food restaurant called the "Snak Shak," and can supply all food items, limited quantities of gasoline, stove oil, and dry goods.

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